Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer & Blush Duo

Hey Everyone!


I wanted to do a mini first impression aboutΒ Physician’s Formula Butter Blush & Bronzer. I bought both of these beauties in a packaged duo that I found at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I believed this duo is found in other stores too and it retails for around $21 CDN. I could be lying, as I don’t know where my receipt went to, but all I know is that it was cheaper for me to buy these two together than separately.

Physician's Formula Butter Blush & Bronzer

I haven’t actually used them yet or even swatched them haha. I just wanted to share these beauties and that they will be one of the products that will be coming down to Dominican with me!

Keep reading for a quick first impression πŸ˜‰


The packaging is amazing and it paints a perfect picture for a tropical vacation! The blush packaging is a little smaller than the bronzer, but they both have the same concept to them. They will both be easy to travel with.

PF Butter Blush & Bronzer


OMG! This scent is to die for! It’s pretty much heaven wrapped up in a gorgeous package. I could smell it all day and I would be content (I know, that’s weird).


Again, I haven’t swatched them, but if I do, I will share it on my Instagram account. From what I have seen, the shades are perfect and buttery (obviously). The bronzer isn’t orange and they complement each other very well.


Let me know if you have either of these products and if you love or hate them. I know this is super short, but it has been two weeks since I posted anything and I wanted to share my exciting purchase!

Thank you for reading!

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