If You Could Buy Any Beauty Product, What Would It Be?

Hey Everyone!

Long time, no chat or post! I decided to take 2 weeks off after the holidays to get caught up on other things such as my wedding planning, cleaning and getting back into the groove of work. I was lucky enough to have 10 days off at work, so it was a great chance for me to relax, watch Netflix and just enjoy some quality time.

Anyways, I am excited for this new year! I feel more committed than ever to post great content, stay up to date with social media and interact with you all! So, I decided to start it off with a questionnaire: If you could buy any beauty product, what would it be?

We all have those products that we lust over, but we choose not to purchase because it’s either too expensive or it’s not available in the country we live in. I would love to know what is on your wish list and let me know if you have plans on buying it.

Happy 2017!


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26 thoughts on “If You Could Buy Any Beauty Product, What Would It Be?

  1. What would I buy!! I think I Violet Voss shadow palette. For whatever reason, I look and look and never buy. I really want to try the line though! Also, I’ve been out of La Mer face cream for quite some time and have not bitten the bullet and bought it again. Although I LOVVVEEEE It. I’d get that too!


  2. I had to think about this for a while but I’d probably get the styPro Make Up Brush Cleanser. I just can’t justify Β£50 on something that’s not even a pretty palette or something though! Maybe one day I’ll have enough Boots points…a girl can dream!


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