OBC Day 9: 5 Things I’ve Learnt This Year

Hey Again!

By the time this post goes up, it will be around the 4:30/5 p.m. mark meaning that you are probably sitting down for dinner of just hanging around, waiting for it to start. Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I was going to include Day 9 with the last post, but I thought this one deserved it’s own. There are still a few months left to this year, but I definitely learned a lot the last couple of months. Keep on reading to find out!


What I have learned this year, so far…

Taking Care of Myself

I mentioned this slightly in my last post, but one of the most important things I learned was to take care of myself and when my body is telling me something, to listen to it. I went through pneumonia, bronchitis, multiple flues and colds. I truly believe that stress was the main reason and not taking time off when I needed to. My body crashed in a big way and I paid big time for that. Always listen to your body when it needs a break, you are saving yourself!

It’s not all fun and games

Life isn’t always fun and games as I said. Times can be tough, you can be pushed to your limits and you start to wonder how you will ever come out of it. However, in those moments where I felt like I hit rock bottom, I knew it was only up from there. I have been pushed beyond belief, but my mind kept telling me that “it will get better.” It has and it continues to get better, so never doubt that life won’t work out the way you want it to because it will.

Some people are better off staying in the past

This is a big one for me. I am not going to go into detail about this one because I don’t want to give too much attention to it. However, sometimes we meet people who leave a big impression on us and then they leave. They come back multiple times and your mind starts to think that things will be the same as before. It never is. I learned that this person does not make a difference in my life anymore, there is no point bringing him back. It was difficult to understand that and let go, but most of the time, it’s for the best.

Wedding planning is stressful

Man oh man. If you are planning a wedding then you know what I am talking about! There is 9 months to go and still so much to do. I am going to be happy when I am down in Dominican, relaxing on the beach as a married woman. Then I will know it was all worth it!

If you are unhappy then do what makes you happy

This was another big thing for me. For the middle of the year, I really took a turn and became unhappy with so many different aspects in my life. If you follow my blogging then you might have noticed that I barely posted anything. I was frustrated beyond belief at my job and I was stuck in a rut. I blamed everyone and everything for my unhappiness, but it was no one’s fault except my own. I know many people don’t like change, but I thrive off of it. I need change in my life to keep me going and to make things more exciting. I try to find different ways to keep the excitement going in order to keep myself happy. It’s never too late to make a change.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have learned this year. I love looking back on the year and seeing how much it has changed me and what the next year holds. If I didn’t learn anything then it means I was doing this year right.

Tell me one thing that you have learned! How has it changed you?

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2 thoughts on “OBC Day 9: 5 Things I’ve Learnt This Year

  1. People better off staying in the past, and changing what makes you unhappy are definitely some things that I had to work on this past year. Sometimes it is easier said than done, but it is so necessary in order for you to feel at peace with yourself and remain happy.


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