Review: Hard Candy Colour Correcting Primer

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had has a great day! After some more complications, my car is finally back up and running! Hallelujah! I felt like my schedule has been so thrown off because I haven’t been able to do what I normally do with no car. I have decided that I am going to post one lastย Fitness Journeyย post tonight, as not much has changed in my routine. I think doing a post every 3 months or so will allow me to show you all the different changes. But, don’t worry, I will still be posting some workout ideas/clothes, recipes and motivational quotes ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been wanting to share this review with all of you for the longest time because this is one of those makeup products that I have been hating on really hard. I mentioned this primer in myย Hard Candy Haulย and I told you how I had mixed emotions on it, so here is my full review.


What is it

This is a primer that is applied before any concealer or foundation is applied to your face. It helps keep your makeup in check without it fading or melting off. The great thing about primers is that there are so many kinds available for you to buy. If you have oily skin or dry skin, there is a primer for that. I have been really loving the makeup companies that sell these type of products because not everyone’s skin is the same and they can’t expect all of us to use the same primer and have it work.

With that being said, I boughtย Hard Candy’s Colour Correcting Primer. This helps with covering up any redness and giving your face an even skin tone. In addition to the colour correcting, Hard Candy offers 5 other primers that all do different things. The product comes out green, as this is used for colour correcting.

Why I Love It

I originally bought this because it reminds me of MUFE’s line of primers (Step 1). I have been obsessed with the mattifying primer ever since I got a small sample. In my opinion, there is no comparison to MUFE, but it was worth trying to find a drugstore comparison. I love the packaging of Hard Candy, I think it is the most practical and easy to use packaging. It comes in a squeeze bottle making it easy to dispense the product without any mess.


It’s very inexpensive, only being $7 compared to $50 for higher end primers. This was definitely a seller for me when thinking about what primer to buy. I really think Hard Candy packaging looks like Kat Von D’s…anyone else?

…and on to the cons.

What I Didn’t Like

Honestly, there isn’t much I did like about this product. The primer comes out nice and easily, but when applied to my face, the texture is mousse-like. It seems like it is almost impossible to blend in the product as there is constantly remnants of it all over my face. The green is hard to dissolve and I find that the tinge is more prominent than ย any other colour correcting primers.

IMG_0323ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย koko

Left: Not Blended, Right: “Blended”

I don’t really think it does much with coverage or correcting. I find that it is more of me just rubbing product all over my face with there being no results. I find it to be greasy and my makeup doesn’t really benefit from this primer. Other bloggers have told me that some of the other primers work really well, so I am hoping that is true. The colour correcting primer is not worth purchasing at all. I don’t want to be harsh, but it really was a waste of money.

I want to know if any of you tried this primer or another kind in this line. Did I truly waste my money or should I give it another shot?

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Review: Hard Candy Colour Correcting Primer

  1. To be honest, I’ve never bought anything by hard candy. I think 50.00 for primer is too much for a lot of people but there are some lines like NYX which is a little more but you get better quality. I buy Chanel and dior all the time but I always use the Nyx pore perfecting primer. Hard candy I feel like even 50 cents is too much. If it’s too cheap, it’s not made from good sources.


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