Hard Candy Obsessed!

Good evening everyone!

I have bought a few Hard Candy makeup items a few weeks ago and I have used a few of the products already. I am really loving their products and I am all about trying new things. I am already obsessed with their bronzers, blushes and highlighters, so I wanted to try new products and products I have heard great things about. I have been staying away from high-end products for a bit now only because I am saving up and there are a few items I want to splurge on. Naked Smokey palette anyone?


Here is what I got:

  • Sheer Envy Primer (Colour Correcting)
  • Sheer Glow All The Way: Blushing Babe Illuminator
  • Glamoflauge Foundation
  • Glamoflauge Concealer

Very mini haul, but I have been wanting to try a few of the items for a bit. I love how affordable their products are, making them on par or even less than other drugstore brands. I noticed that the primer and illuminator were brand new at my Walmart and most likely in Canada (we always get things months later).

dcc       sssa

I haven’t used either of the Glamoflauge products, but I have heard nothing but amazing things about both of them. I am nervous with the colour selection as I did get the lightest shade. But the next shade up was not matching up, so I will see how it will look on my skin. Of course, bronzer will be my best friend if this shade does wash me out. Anyways, I am super excited to try these and I will give a review of both. I have so many reviews lined up right now, so watch out for those! Yes, I will finally be back with my reviews!

dfdfd                     vcvc

I have been using the primer for a bit now and I have some mixed feelings on it. In this line, there are 4 or 5 other types of primers. I liked this option of picking a primer that suits best for my skin and it instantly reminded me of MUFE primer’s with the packaging, but not so much the actual product. I have been hating how much I have to blend this primer in. I feel it never truly blends and dissolves properly into my skin, so I am not sure how much longer I can use this. Hopefully, I can mix it with another primer and get better results. We shall see!

dsw                          dwd

Lastly, the illuminator immediately caught my eye. I have been looking at L’Oreal’s new highlighters but passed it up as I saw this illuminator and it was half priced. I learned my lesson from last time with Hard Candy and swatched it. It leaves a beautiful pink sheer highlight that would look amazing on your skin. I haven’t used it yet, but I love the look of this. I think this would be perfect for the new trend “Strobing”. I would most likely mix this with another product to give myself a dewy look. Also, all my swatches have more product than needed and they aren’t blended.

I am excited to use these products and give your more of a full review. If you used any of these, let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading!



29 thoughts on “Hard Candy Obsessed!

  1. Uh I have absolutely NO interest in the UD Naked smokey palette… although that’s not saying much since I own NONE of them! 😉
    I have the Glamoflauge Concealer from ages ago (my cap is black) and it’s SUPER heavy duty. Looks a bit cakey if not blended well – a tiny bit is all that’s needed. Unfortunately, the product separated inside the tube and I couldn’t get it to mix back.
    The “strobing” trend can go suck it… it’s called HIGHLIGHTING. Omg these makeup marketing people! 😛


    • hahahah oh you make me laugh! I am a sucker for all things UD and Naked, I can’t help it!
      I noticed that about the concealer, it feels so heavy duty, which I like, but I am worried it will look cakey….I am proceeding with caution!
      Yes, highlighting…I know. I got caught up in the trend moment! I will never catch on to that trend. I will wear what I want and do what I want 😛

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  2. Hard Candy is great! I noticed the Glamoflauge concealer/foundation is always way too light. The Just Face It is completely perfect, though. And the smoothing/pore minimizing primer is much better – it’s in a pink tube. That one is perfectly smooth.


    • There is almost no in between with the Glamoflauge. I hope I can make it work. I will have to buy the Just Face It next time. I was skeptical because I haven’t heard too many things about it, but if you say it’s perfect, I will trust you! I am going to return my primer and get that one. I can’t handle the texture of this current primer and how it leaves little clumps everywhere. I was actually going to but the smoothing one in the first place, gah!
      Thank you so much for the recommendations love 🙂

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  3. I love the Glamoflauge concealer. I’m not using it currently because I can only find it at Walmart and I usually only go to Walmart when I am at school. It gives super great coverage and the lightest shade works great for me! The highlight looks like something I might have to try too!


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