The Disappointing Mascara

I love looking back on first impression posts and realizing how wrong I was about a product. I guess that is why they call them first impressions.

I went through a phase where I thought I needed to add fibres to my lashes in order to make them look long and volumized. The truth is, you don’t, you just need a really good mascara. I have gone through Younique Cosmetics 3D Fibre lash and now, Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Lash Extension Kit.

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This isn’t a rant about the product, just more of a “beware of this product, it’s not good” type post. I love being a blogger, especially a beauty one because I am able to share with all of you, my opinions about products I love and products I do not like at all. Every single person has products they hate and there is nothing wrong with that. I think every beauty blogger should share their products they hate, so people know what to look out for. If you want to check my first impression post out, click here.


What is it?

This kit is a lash extension kit that comes with both a mascara and fibres. The fibres are meant to provide length and volume to your lashes without having to use fake lashes. The mascara is meant to seal the fibres, so there is no fallout.

The mascara is a bit drier than most mascaras I use, but I don’t mind it. I find that a drier formula is easier for me when applying the product to my lashes. There is a bit of a curve to the wand that lets me get under the lashes and seal those fibres.

However, this is where it ends when it comes to my likes of the product. The fibres are torture and I am not joking around when I say that. The fibres motive is to get in my eyes and make my life hell (LOL). I do like the concept of this mascara, but that’s all it is, just a really good concept. The fibres instantly come off the wand even before applying them to your lashes. And even if you do get them on your lashes, they are guaranteed to fall off either into your eye or under your eye.

FullSizeRender (90)

When I successfully applied both the mascara and the fibres, I went out for the day with my boyfriend. Midway through the day, he looked over at me and asked me what all those “black things” were under my eyes. Sure enough, after looking into the mirror, all the fibres had fallen out. Ever since then, the product has not been touched. It’s almost a shame that it didn’t work well because I really love the company and what they stand for. They have great products! I almost find it ironic that this product is ophthalmologist approved when the fibres do more damage than good.

I believe one day a company will succeed in creating a lash kit that hopefully doesn’t include fibres, but until then, find a really great mascara and you will get the same results without the mess and pain.



30 thoughts on “The Disappointing Mascara

  1. Have you tried Cherry Bloom? It’s expensive ($60 a kit) but I love it. It’s fiber mascara that looks great, I’ve had no problems with fallout


    • Seriously, they are out to get your eyes haha I was never interested with younique but I had a patient come in to my work and she was selling them, so I thought I would try. it’s cool with what they can do to make the lashes look longer, but it’s not worth it.

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  2. Great review! Though I actually really liked the Younique ones. I just haven’t heard good things about the Physician’s Formula ones. I hope that you’ve found a great mascara since then! πŸ™‚ xo


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