Stylin’ Sunday

Hi all!

If you follow me on Instagram (@thelifeofkristyn), you would have seen a post of a style board. I decided that every Sunday I would post a style board on my blog and link below where you can find the items. I have mentioned I want to get more into fashion and I think this is best way to do so. I know a lot of my followers are more into makeup, but I hope you support me in this venture of fashion. You will still see the makeup though! Right now, I have just been creating style boards through Polyvore and I hope to eventually upload my own pictures of clothing I have purchased. I love the idea of this post, as it allows others to see different outfit ideas for all occasions and everything I post will be reasonable.

photo (1)

This is honestly my go to style. Black and white is so classic and you can easily make the outfit pop with colourful accessories. Blazers are my favourite, as you can easily pair it with anything and make it look more professional. This type of look can easily be done and all of the different items can be purchased at your favourite clothing store. This is a simple post that you can expect every week πŸ™‚

What is your favourite go to work style?








21 thoughts on “Stylin’ Sunday

  1. This outfit is super cute and I like the idea of doing a style board on Sundays. I’m all in! As a matter of fact, I’m heading over to newlook to check out that top! Only thing I can’t do is flats, I’d have to sub in a cute wedge or something. My feet are flat and they kill me. 😦


    • Yay! I am glad you the idea of style boards once a week! I love to share my style and once I am comfortable enough, I will start to share my own photos! I hear ya on the flats…I am on my feet all day and flats are my savior! But I would normally do a cute wedge or heel πŸ™‚


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