Smashbox Double Exposure Palette: Review & Swatches

I have been wanting to do a review on this palette since I bought it. I don’t own the Full Exposure palette, so I can’t compare this one to it, but I can still give you a review 🙂

I was lucky enough to have enough Optimum Points from Shopper’s Drug Mart to get this palette for only $10 compared to the $60 it retails for. The main reason I bought this one over the Full exposure was due to the variety of shades. I can’t even tell you how many palettes I owe that are all nudes and neutrals. If I was going to get a palette, it was going to have some purples and blues, along with the nudes. Plus, it is very different and unique! If you add a bit of water to your brush, the colours will change! They will either turn metallic, get deeper in colour, add sparkle or increase in vibrancy. Instead of getting 14 colours, I am really getting 28!


FullSizeRender (19)The shadows come in a sleek black box with an added pink strip on the front and silver writing. As mentioned above, there is 14 shades and it comes with a double exposure brush AND a mini size Full Exposure mascara. When opened, there is a large mirror on the top flap. It is unlike any other palette packaging that I own, as there is no clasp or snap when shutting the palette.


FullSizeRender (20)The 14 shadows have a great range of colours with a variety of mattes, shimmers and satins. The top row of the shadows are all lighter in colour as they are all shimmers or satin. The are perfect for using it as a base or you can use it for your crease and brow bone. The lower row are all darker shades with a combination of mattes and darker shimmers.

Top Row: Silver, Mauve, Peony, Blanc, Quartx, Flushed, Veiled

Bottom Row: Midnight, Temper, Haze, Noir, Copper, Fig, Espresso

The pigmentation is amazing and they are very easy to blend. I have found that they look better when using a primer than without one. I haven’t tried them wet yet, but I can only imagine how amazing each of the colours will look. I am a huge fan of Blanc, Quartz, Copper and Noir. These are my normal go to eyeshadows when perfecting a smokey eye.


photo 1 (16)

These are obviously the top row shadows. They are very light but perfect for using in the crease like I mentioned above. There is actually a shadow to the far left, but you can barely see it because it is so light. Starting from left to right: Veiled, Flushed, Quartz, Silver, Mauve, Peony, Blanc. I had to enhance the picture a little bit in order for the colours to appear a bit better.

photo 2 (17)

And the bottom row of shadows. They are definitely darker in colour and I love using them to create a dramatic or smokey eye look. From left to right: Midnight, Temper, Haze, Noir, Copper, Fig and Espresso.

photo (14)

Overall, I love this palette. It has the perfect mix of shadows with them all not being neutral. They are highly pigmented and easily blendable. Since they are so pigmented, you don’t need to use too much colour when applying it to your lids. The price of the palette is a little bit on the pricier side, but it is definitely worth it. Plus there is an added bonus of the mascara and double-ended brush!


30 thoughts on “Smashbox Double Exposure Palette: Review & Swatches

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  2. Optimum Points rule!!!
    This palette looks nice – a great mix of neutral staples and soft colourful shades!
    Smashbox is such an underrated brand, I love the quality of their blushes also.


    • If I didn’t have my Optimum Points, I would be screwed haha. I only have this palette from Smashbox, but I am really interested in trying more from them. I have been the biggest Urban Decay fan, but I hear such good things about Smashbox products!

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  3. Nice swatches, you can really see all the different colours. I’ve been looking at this palette when I’ve bought things online a few times and wondered if it was worth the full price. It does sound good and a bit different than the multiple neutral palettes I have, I seem to always go for them because I know I’ll use them. I might have to treat myself at the end of my course, hehe.


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