Monday, I am done with you.

Happy Monday all or in my case, not so much!

I have been dealing with this annoying cold all weekend and I thought at first it was just allergies, but it seems to be going to my chest and I just feel blah. I have been drinking a ton of water hoping that will help, but I guess all I can really do is let it pass. I have said it many times, I would rather have a 24-hour flu than a cold! My colds last a month! 😦

My bed is certainly calling my name and nothing sounds better than doing some blogging while lying in bed! I have a few reviews on mascara coming up because my obsession is insane! I have the hardest time finding one that I love and I mentioned that I bought the Roller Lash by Benefit, so I want to let all of you know how I like it. As well, I said last month that it was contour month and now it is all over the place. I bought the Kat Von D palette like I mentioned and I bought the Clinique contour and highlight chubby sticks as well. They both have their pros and cons so that review is coming up as well. I honestly have so much to share with you! It was supposed be done this weekend, but that didn’t go so well haha.

I want to thank Blue-tinged Dreams, wonderland2beautyΒ and Katie from The Beauty HavenΒ for nominating me for the Liebster Award! You seriously rock and I love all your blogs so much! If you aren’t following them, get on it…you are missing out πŸ™‚ I will make sure to do my nominations, as last time I failed a little bit, but thanks you guys!

So, besides being sick, my Monday was not that baaaad, but hey, I can still complain πŸ˜‰


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