Better Than Sex

I am a makeup addict and I am not afraid to admit it.

I mean, I could be addicted to things a lot worse, so I don’t think this is all too bad. However! I do need to relax on my spending. I really don’t need 100 different eyeshadow palettes, 6 is enough LOL.

I did make a few small purchases over the last couple of weeks. I managed to hit up Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora and Walmart. They are all different products that I have been wanting to try, but this review is solely based onΒ Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Too-Faced-Better-Than-Sex-Mascara-Fall-2013This is a popularΒ mascara brand that I have heard of many times. When I went to go buy a new one, I was torn between Benefit’s Roller Lash and Better Than Sex. I went with the latter choice and I didn’t look back. I had read the reviews and watched many videos about it and decided that this would be a great choice. I loved the sleek pink packaging and how heavy duty it is. I really love the bristles and the shape of the brush.

It gives great volume and length, but it is not worth the disaster I dealt with. I read nothing but great reviews, so I obviously had high expectations, but it wasn’t good for me. I found that it clumped my lashes a ton and it didn’t separate them like I thought it would. It does have a wet formula, which I have used before, but this just wasn’t workable for me. I did use an eyelash separator to make my lashes a little bit better, but it still didn’t make them look flawless. I had put this mascara on my lower lashes the one day and I ended up going to a store where I looked into a mirror. I had the mascara smeared all underneath my eyes, which has never happened to me before. I knew right away, I had to take it back.

This mascara is great for people who love wet formulated mascaras, but if you don’t then don’t get it! Everyone has their own opinion and all products work differently for every person. Due to the clumping and extremely horrible raccoon eyes, I took it back and exchanged it for another mascara. I did end up getting Benefit’s Roller Lash which I will definitely review for you later!

As it turned out, my Better than Sex mascara wasn’t actually better than sex πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “Better Than Sex

  1. I bought this mascara last summer from Ulta and I LOVED it! However, when it ran out I bought another one from the same place and it was not the same. I’m not sure if they changed their formula or what but the second one was a lot harder to apply and harder to get off. I ended up using it in combination with Lancome Hypnose mascara for a much better effect.


  2. If only someone could make the perfect mascara, that contains lash growth conditioner, is one hundred percent vegan, water based, washes out with water. I just want everything in one package. Enjoy your beauty products, and your weekend.

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