Sonia Kashuk–Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick

photo 2 (12)Keeping with the theme of Sonia Kashuk, I got this bad boy the same day I picked up the Illuminator in my previous post. Up until this point, I have been using a baked highlighter from e.l.f. cosmetics that did the job, but it wasn’t that great in my opinion. With the liquidation going on at Target, this was the perfect opportunity for me to pick up items from Sonia, as they wouldn’t be as pricey.

This highlighter comes in a sleek, plastic packaging with the colour of the packaging being the same as the product. It is available in two colours, Persian Sunset and Sparkling Sands. I bought mine in Sparkling sands as it is more of a nude compared the Persian Sunset’s champagne colour. It is very easy to apply this highlighter as the stick is easy to handle and you cphoto 3 (9)ontrol how much you want to be applied. I apply this on my forehead, cheekbones, and my browbones for a healthy glow. On the right is a more intense swatch of the highlighter. It is not the best picture in the world, as it was almost impossible to even get a picture of it, but you can see that it does have a nice, nude glow and it will instantly brighten up your face.

Compared to the Illuminator from Sonia Kashuk, this isn’t as intense. I like the glow that they both provide and the beautiful colour. I use this highlighting stick on a daily basis whereas I will use the Illuminator when I need more help in the “glowing” department.

Sonia Kashuk definitely delivered with her highlighters and they are gorgeous additions to anyone’s makeup collection. This stick is $10.99 whereas the liquid illuminator is $14.99.


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