Motivational Monday


Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope your Monday has been a lot better than mine. Why do Mondays always have to be so complicated?

Anyways, on to the important stuff….I decided I needed to get back into my workout grind. I have been slacking A LOT and I admit, I have become lazy. I used to be pretty good with working out 3 times a week and watching what I eat, but me being human, I fell off the wagon.

But, I am back at it and I am excited to get my body back into the shape that I want it to be. I am fairly young still, so I am hoping I can get right back into it.

This post is just my motivation and anyone else’s motivation to reach that goal they want. Whether it is working out or getting that grade you need or working hard to a promotion, we all need some motivation to fuel our fire.

So, don’t give up, we can do this and we will reach our goal!

Share with me your goals and what motivates you! I can always use the extra motivation!



2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. I love the Motivation Monday theme! I do this on my blog as well! It’s always good to see you aren’t the only person who struggles sometimes and falls off the wagon! I love going to run with my roommates, it makes the run so much more fun and holds me accountable!


    • It definitely it! It doesn’t make me feel as bad when I don’t have the motivation or the desire to go work out for one day. We are all human and it happens! Working out with other people is a must for me or it may just not happen haha

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