Goodbye October, Hello November

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Hey Everyone!

It’s the last day of October meaning it’s the last day of the October Blogging Challenge. There’s only 2 more months until 2017, wow!

Today’s post includes the last couple of days that I missed, so I hope you enjoy!

Days 26: Ways To Win Your Heart

Well, I am already taken, but the best way to my heart (or win my heart) is respect, laughter, someone who is caring and who can enjoy a good tea with me 😉

Day 27: Bedtime Outfit

My normal bedtime outfit includes an old blue jays t-shirt that is insanely comfortable. It’s larger but I have had it forever and there is honestly nothing else I really sleep on. For my bottoms, I either wear a pair of shorts or sweats depending on how cold it is.

Day 28: Manicure of the Day

This day doesn’t count for me because my nails haven’t been done in a few weeks, so we are skipping to the next day!

Day 29: Halloween Inspiration

I didn’t celebrate Halloween this year. It’s one of those days where I either go all in or I don’t do anything at all. However, I have seen so many good costumes this year. There does seem to be a lot of repeats, which is fine, but I love how different they are from other years.

As for my inspiration for when I do celebrate, I normally look to YouTube for tutorials or ideas for a costume. If not YouTube, Pinterest will be my next stop as the ideas are endless. Maybe I will celebrate it next year!

Day 30: A Day In The Life

So this was for yesterday, which was Sunday. My Sundays are normally not too excited. I usually sleep in later, wake up and eat breakfast.

I always go to my parents on Sundays for laundry and dinner, so I will head over there around 1/1:30 p.m. Yesterday was different because we had dinner then my sisters and I went to visit my Nanny who lives in a small town 25 minutes away. We stayed there for a bit and then went to watch my cousin play hockey. After all that, we headed home and I came back to my place where I got my stuff ready for Monday and called it a night.

Sundays are nice, but it’s always a reminder that Monday is coming soon.

Day 31: Halloween!

Yay! Finally the last day of the challenge! As I mentioned above, I didn’t do anything for Halloween this year, but I figured I would leave a picture of myself from when I was younger. We were always so into Halloween back then, it makes me miss my childhood. OH and one of my dog 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed my blogging challenge for this month! It was definitely difficult to stay on track as you have seen, but I am proud of myself for finishing it! Now back to normal makeup posts.

Please share if you did anything for Halloween and let me know if you dressed up!

Thanks for reading!

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